Roony “rsky” Keefe

Followed on social media by the likes of Barack Obama and friends with Drake, Roony’s reputation has taken him far and wide with recent series Grime Worldwide showing freestyles from Kazakhstan, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Belarus, Japan and Italy to name a few. Roony’s reputation goes before him. To a lot of people, Roony Keefe (Better known as Risky Roadz) is one of the original mainstays of grime, one of the pioneering forces behind the documentation and subsequent surge in popularity it has received. He had the dream of filming the rise of grime; putting faces to names: the scene at large, freestyles, radio, interviews and gigs (and everything in between) that he could get access to.

It goes without saying that Keefe is responsible for filming some of the most memorable and timeless moments in the scene, including an appearance discussing Grime and the birth of the “Roadz” for Ewin Spencer’s documentary for Channel 4 – Music Nation.

As well as producing and making happen the Channel 4 doc Pirate Mentality along with Frisco that earnt SBTV some major accolades.

It all started with his Nan buying him a camera…

From the obvious classics that any discerning roadman could and should name, such as The Movement DVD, and the iconic Fuck Radio volumes, to the sporadic collections of freestyles from the first two volumes of Risky Roadz (notably the legendary Kano freestyle where KA conducts his 16’s in an Adidas bathrobe outside of his flat on St. Olaves Rd. as well as the Ghetto know the levels freestyle (over nocturnals back in a big way) which have long since found their home in the depths of youtube, traded more times than you can imagine.

It needs to be noted that Risky was never just about freestyles, but the inner workings of the scene itself. From filming producers giving guides on how to make a beat, to Dizzee reflecting on his success, Risky Roadz was and still is about all corners. A comprehensive, insightful (and a lot of times, educational) archive of the scene.

Fast forward to the current day and you can find Keefe still filming for the top dogs, and being “one of the biggest directors in the UK” (Lethal Bizzle) foundation (Kano), including the aforementioned Kano’s most Album Hail, new banger, garage skank and 3 wheel ups featuring Wiley and Giggs and of course the incendiary A$AP / Skepta collaboration “It Ain’t Safe” which was filmed, of course, back on the Meridian Estate in London. Along with Road documentary iconic video Skepta’s Man – (rated award winning best video) Proof that even in the present day, Keefe hasn’t forgotten his roots.

He’s also recently filmed a number of projects for chip and the recent collaboration of Giggs and Theothilus London’s track My Bebey.

Tracks with Lethal Bizzle, Krept and Konan pretty much the whole scene.

With his ear still on the street discovering talent, he more recently started supporting artist Octavian “who from Risky Roadz is now a Louis Vuitton model” (Trench mag)

He’s more recently just shot a documentary on Birmingham’s grime scene and plans an album and series to complete the RiskyRoadz trilogy and of course now his new format Grime Gran which he had in his mind for years just took a while to convince his 80 year old Grandmother to par take!

See episode 1 & 2 online now featuring Ghetts and D Double E with episode 3 and 4 featuring Devlin and Giggs already in the can!